About me

Hi, I’m Marina Kojic a third-year medical student and research assistant at the Medical University of Vienna at the department of paediatric immunology.

I live and study in Vienna and have two lovely cats who help me get through long nights of studying.
From an early age on I loved to write stories and discovered my passion for science and as my first attempt to build a rocket from an electrical tooth brush didn’t work I decided to focus on something more “down-to-the-earth”: the human body.

As I still enjoy creative writing you will find some of my texts here as well – most of them in German.

About Medsplained
Explaining the mysteries of the human body

The idea

Since I started Med-School more and more people came forward to me and pointed out their doubts in doctors, pharmaceuticals and/or pharma companies.

In most cases that was because people:

  1. Don’t have the time to do in depth research
  2. Don’t have the tools/knowledge to break down medical/pharmacological information on their own
  3. Didn’t feel well enough informed by their physicians

So I decided to answer your questions regarding your amazing, mysterious human body and how it works and how we can influence it.

How does it work

Send me your questions via E-Mail. I will answer one question at a time in form of an essay or video. I will do research and try to summarize as best I can – without guaranteeing completeness of contents.
Please keep in mind that I will neither answer questions about personal symptoms nor give any medical advice.

What kind of questions?

Here are some examples of question I’d love to answer:

  • Why do I have a hangover after taking sleeping pills?
  • Where do Antibiotics come from?
  • I heard bananas cause cancer – is there any research regarding that?
  • How does Aspirin work?
  • I heard about this baby in the news that was made from three different people? How was that possible (+ link or photo of the article)
  • What stages does a pharmaceutical have to go through to get approved? Who approves pharmaceuticals?
  • How do we know vaccines work?